A typical road lasts for 25 years before it requires

A typical road lasts for 25 years before it requires resurfacing?

I guess you could estimate the average repair cost per distance over that period, for cracks and holes, etc.
You would need to deal with inflation of costs and as your earlier tax income was too low to pay even 1/25th of the ultimate cost required…

It should be a fairly doable calculation to raise sufficient taxes.

But… who is doing that calculation? No local politician is going to be there in 25 years – the project manager doesnt bother with repair costs calculations…

Luckily I can tell you a story about my hometown Helsinki, which had its rapid urbanization after world war II. We also build higways, areas full of single family homes, etc… Now we have made extension for our metro line, a new light rail line is being built and we are tearing down our highways in the near future, changing them. There’s alson been a lot of new brownfield developement on old dock yard and oil harbour.

So north american cities can still have hope.

I lived in a small town for 30 plus years then moved about 10 miles away into a Township of another city. Within 3 years of the move the town over from my old small town started building a huge sports complex that is supposedly going to draw 10k people a week so the developers are going to town on Hotels and Restaurants more roads and highway lanes! For the 30 plus years people said no to all of it until about 5 years ago and the new Trusties were Elected and everything got bigger quick. The spend spree started with new Complex for Local Government. School, Fire and Police Dept. I was leaving anyway before as this was started happening! But the explosion of new homes had doubled or tripled the population in the last 10 years or so.

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