Cities are going to completely die from wfh initiatives now

Cities are going to completely die from wfh initiatives now

I’ve been living in Europe for a couple years and can’t believe how well designed and walkable most cities are. Coming back to Canada and the idea of walking to the store is just unheard of because the suburbs are so massive it would take over an hour just to get there without a car. I have a car back in Europe but only use it for road trips on the weekend and for large grocery trips. Otherwise it’s actually more efficient to walk or bike into town.

Read a book called “Geography of Nowhere” that addressed this issue in the 90’s. All of our sense of place and identity are being eaten up by sprawling suburbs that all look the same. I live in Phoenix AZ… probably the worst example next to LA. Phoenix has a tiny downtown and 100 miles of suburb in each direction. Driving through Phoenix is like a Flinstones cartoon where they are running and the background just keeps repeating over and over in a loop. I also lived in NYC. This is the exact opposite. The problem there is that dense cities are expensive as hell to live in. So the dense urban design is just for the wealthy. Every time the lower ranks get creative and turn old industrial areas into loft apartments… the wealthy make it trendy, the real estate tycoons buy it up, and rent goes up to $3000 per month.

I live in Denmark, and I love that I have a 5 to 20 minute walk (depending on which store) to like 10 grocery stores and a shopping center. Have access to around 7 bus lines within a 5 minute walk and a city rail system that drives directly to the central intercity train station in the city center, that also doubles as a shopping center. If I dont want to walk I just use my electric bike. I will be investing in an electric scooter soon, that can ride on bike lanes, for longer trips as well.

This explains so much. It really feels like America is in decline and why being a millennial feels like you’re getting screwed. It explains why many Rust belt and North Eastern cities look so dilapidated, neighborhoods in terrible shape, population decline, and no money to fix it.
California is so expensive, rents and taxes are ridiculous, but what you get in services are hardly worth it. California is nearing at the end of its cycle.
Florida, Texas, Nevada, and Idaho are booming with low taxes because they’re in the early stages of this Ponzi scheme.

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