Detroit was a victim of many things including mismanagement

The industries in the area, a bad image, corruption, and many other things. In the surrounding areas people view Detroit as a terrible place to be period and many people simply try to avoid the city outside of concerts and sports events. The fact that many people feel unsafe even in downtown makes things worse. There are areas with recent development but the jobs aren’t really there so there is no reason to live downtown. The manufacturing is no longer in Detroit itself and is mainly in surrounding municipalities so many people live there instead of Detroit itself. This has lead to a decline in the service industry in Detroit. Many of the jobs end up serving sports events or concerts, so there really isn’t a steady flow of income for businesses to service the area like in New York or Chicago. Detroit is an example of all the issues you explained and a look at pretty much the epitome of urban decay.

Primarily because its becoming a national drain as well as a state and local problem. With both Europe and increasingly Asia increasing their density and public transportation more of their resources are devoted to education and economics. In places like Korea you can live your entire life without ever needing a car. That saves a ton of money.

And in China their rail network continues to expand beyond any other country. There is no reason America cant start building higher density smaller cities connected by rail and bus. The suburbs also cause a lot of health problems as well from drug use to obesity. Theyre a disaster.

I think it comes down to benefit per unit of infrastructure. Suburbs benefit fewer people per unit of infrastructure as opposed to the urban core. The dense urban core require less infrastructure per person, thus the benefit per unit of infrastructure is greater.

In many cities, the taxes collected in the suburbs are not enough to maintain the infrastructure therein. They are economic losses. The taxes collected from downtowns, even rough looking ones, are economic profit centers which pays for the losses in suburbia.

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