Sprawl is needed if you want an acre of your

Sprawl is needed if you want an acre of your own land around your house

This is why whenever there is a boom in a small town, the people that have lived in it, hate when new wealthy out of state people move in. Where I live they have Mostly moved from California and Washington. It is so bad that if you have lived and worked here. You can not afford to live here. They have killed our markets and all the natives are hoping and praying they all go Broke and lose everything. Lots of hate.

When I became a citizen planning commissioner, one of the truisms I learned fairly quickly was that suburban residential development NEVER pays for itself (taxed on a fraction of actual value). Another problem that the Chamber of Commerce always fails to mention because it’s related to the ever-increasing debt of the municipality in question is that the higher tax rates on commercial and industrial development are also based on a fraction of actual value, and that new commercial and industrial development is often partially financed through tax breaks, which further reduce municipal revenue. “Tax incentives” offered to businesses are essentially bribes, paid to the business in question by the city, and paid for by the other residents of the city.

I used to think that old buildings in European cities are old… but I couldn’t be more wrong. The facade are old, centuries old, the inside however, are air-conditioned, cellular network, wi-fi, fire alarm, adjustable LED lights, smart building systems… it makes them very desireable.
These old European city buildings can be repurposed for anything. In Rome, I encountered a Carrefour express supermarket build into an old semi building-part cave systems. The roof are still rough patch of cave rocks, probably dating back to Roman empire era. It is fascinating. Next to it is a trendy Italian cafe.
Bright Sun Films has a large compilations of video exploring abandoned American malls and suburban mega store buildings that is practically useless after being abandoned. That unique Taco building, the uniquely designed Toys-R-Us themed building facade might be affable for McDonald’s or other business franchise looking for their own “branding” and that’s the massive problem. Suburban decay is a blight and left a plainly visible mark, urban decay can heal and re-transform itself.

Years ago I started to wonder why “They”, whoever the heck “They” are, keep building new roads when we can’t even pay for the roads we have now. I work for a city and can tell you that the administration may know they have a problem and just kick the can down the road until they retire so it becomes someone else’s problem. Now That’s Good Government!

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