The Gripen NG should be the 8th in the ranking

The Gripen NG should be the 8th in the ranking

F35 is indeed the best all round fighter, not the 100% best but none of them would win vs all the rest. It’s not quite complete but as it can land almost anywhere and take off from little carriers I have to say it’s the best all rounder. Other than the Harrier jump jet which is about 1000 years old there is nothing that can do what it can. If I was the pilot I would be in a low flying Eurofighter or F-22 as your coming home 😀 Even better, at home on YouTube just looking at war rubbish!

With a peak radiated power of 32 megawatts the Space Force claims it is the most powerful radar in the world, and can track a basketball-sized object up to 22,000 nautical there BTW, Armenia – Azerbaijan has ensued a new era: UAV that can pinpoint the target and sacrifices itself in performing its duty. It is the future that make great stealth fight aircraft look like Cessna and Fokker. Look at the UAV technology is being used in surveying and aerial photography. Youtube is full of their results.

This ranking is ridiculous, every jet fighter has its own strength and weak points, it always depends on the conditions of the current battlefield. Is there need for stealth operations or is pure dogfight quality needed, or a mix of both of them. But the most important factor for a successful fighter jet is still the skill of the pilot and the right strategy from his guides.

I wish they’d be more specific on what constitutes the “best” fighter jets. Most fighter jets are created to fulfill a specific mission and excel at that certain mission profile. An F-16 would destroy an F-35 if it ever merged with it, but the entire point of the F-35 is to have the BVR capabilities to make sure that nothing ever merges with it. Maximum range, service ceilings and maximum speed are completely useless to talk about unless you’re also talking about what that aircraft is supposed to do and how well those characteristics allow that aircraft to perform its job.

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