The problem is that taxes are always spent in full

The problem is that taxes are always spent in full

High density city apartment buildings do exactly the same thin have to keep the maintenance charges low to sell apartments and condos, never bank enough money for heavy structural maintenance and elevator replacements. The growth addiction means increasing property values can be borrowed against, if property values dont grow people sell up, move out and the building becomes derelict. If they stay the temptation is to cut corners like forgoing repairs in Miami or cladding the whole thing in a fire hazard like London.

This isn’t the case everywhere. The suburb I grew up in (Schaumburg, IL) saw its growth largely level off over two decades ago, and yet it still manages to maintain its infrastructure without taking on unmanageable levels of debt. It’s more or less the same story for other surrounding communities as well. Meanwhile, Chicago is the butt jokes everywhere for its infamous… wait for it… corruption, waste, bloated union contracts, and inefficiency. And, no, they don’t get a break on their property taxes compared to Chicago. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Urban sprawl is the scourge of mankind. This is a great video. Having said that, I recently retired from working in the engineering department of a suburban city of Vancouver, BC. City finances were in great shape and I worked under the infrastructure planning section. We had sophisticated detection methods and software to optimize spending on roads, water and sewers. Not all cities are in dire deficit spending situation on infrastructure.

My employer going permanently remote lead to my exodus from the city. I now live in an unincorporated community in a mostly agricultural county. I have no desire to go back to living in an overpriced 500 square foot shit box with crime outside my window every night, awful public schools, traffic, congestion, etc. Though I am hardly the only person in the world with an all remote gig. This little town of 800 that probably has not had significant outside investment in decades now has a sign for a proposed subdivision off the highway they plan to break ground on. Very disheartening to say the least.

I lived most of my life in NYC. I felt like am animal in a cage. Iron bars on the doors and windows to keep my family “safe”. I knew I was never safe. I seen a old friend beaten to death by a group of thugs. NYPD reports he died of a heart attack. I now live in Southern Oregon. No need for iron bars on the windows no iron gates on the doors. My neighbors ask me why I lock my front door. I answer, it is some thing I always did when I lived in NYC. I am now safe and free. In Oregon the road repair is paid by Fuel Tax, so we have very nice roads. I will never go back to the “big city life”. The lady that now cuts my hair had a son that moved to a big city. He too died at the hands of thugs with baseball bats.

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