This is just made up though

My family has been living in a suburb near Washington DC since WW2 With 4 generations in the same house. It is a car dependant suburb surrounded by three highways, and it has had defined boundaries that have not changed in about a century. It is entirely financially self sufficient and works perfectly well, with reasonable road, sidewalk, and utility maintenance and none of the issues you’ve described here.

I believe you are identifying one specific type of suburb and the issues that face it, and then applying that to the entire field of suburbs as a whole. This is likely furthered by your own biases against a car dependant society of independent landholders.

Yeah I get it, My house is a drain on my city’s expenses. Low density is just not efficent or sustainable when you think about it. So much more material has to be used cause each unit needs to have 5 facades, a dutch style medium density row house still needs 5 facades but they can house as many units as they can fit in, so much more affordable and less wasteful, and is a lot easier to maintain, plus consolidated utilities are a plus!

I love that you’re doing this series. Finished reading Strong Towns over the holidays and feel like it affirmed so many beliefs I couldn’t fully articulate, but knew deep down were mostly correct. The book is so well done and important, especially for young millenials looking to deploy capital in to real estate. We are going to have much different opportunities in the future, and I think some of the ‘better’ opportunities are out there now, but need a sense of community ‘intentionality’ that is totally lost in most real estate investment under the current paradigm. Gonna be weird, and ultimately, great though, in my opinion.

I lived in Tijuana and San Diego, and have been all the way up to LA in SoCal, and as much as I dreaded driving everywhere and enjoy my eu biking life, there was always the scary notion that there could be an earthquake to drop down big buildings as it happened in the past, there, so they in the end have that as an excuse and justification to expand wide. How does one tackle that problem?

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