What an utter waste of space

I always knew there was something wrong but I could never put my finger on it. I always enjoyed living in big cities but I never knew the reason like walking to the neighborhood bodega. I will always though that America had degraded over time because shopping malls destroyed small town America and conveniently enough malls are now put out of business by things like Amazon. Thanks for the video.

I think the survival of American suburbs is much easier to explain: Alot of Americans don’t want to live in the cities where they work. They don’t want to commute using transit systems. They want control over who travels through their neighborhood, at what speed, and at what volume level. They don’t want to sit on their porch in air, noise, and light polution.

For the city to survive and attract the kinds of employees/employers who will only live in suburbs, they have to have them… and these people move outward with the sprawl as it expands to preserve their preferred lifestyle.

You are omitting the theft factor. Municipalities also feel they have to 1. Increase the budget every year, 2. Spend the entire budget, regardless, and 3. Retain zero reserves. As a result, in surplus years, politicians generally vote themselves raises, and new SUVs. The simple fact is that most of American prosperity has been embezzled into private accounts, under color of law. Cheers!

The b-roll of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade is even more painful to look at, knowing how badly the BQE is falling apart at that spot right now.

Heres what you are missing. Initially workers in the public sector were paid less but had better benefits including healthcare and retirement. In the private sector you have none of that. The big problem begins when the public work force sees the higher income of the private sector workforce and starts to cry about how unfair it all is not taking into account the high cost of benefits they receive. After all, the public sector work force does not generate any wealth – it is paid for entirely by taxes. Couple this with the massively bloated entitlement programs currently installed by governments on all levels and you get the current disaster.

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